New Conceptual Paper on PLS-SEM

26.04.2017 -  

The paper “On Comparing Results from CB-SEM and PLS-SEM: Five Perspectives and Five Recommendations,” authored by Edward E. Rigdon (Georgia State University), Christian M. Ringle (TU Hamburg-Harburg) and Marko Sarstedt has been accepted for publication in Marketing ZFP – Journal of Research and Management. In this conceptual article, the authors argue that the comparison of results from covariance-based structural equation modeling and partial least squares structural equation modeling – despite considerable research interest – is misleading and misguided, capable of generating both false confidence and false concern. Instead of seeking confidence in the comparison of results across methods, which differ in their specific requirements, computational procedures, and imposed constraints on the model, researchers should focus on more fundamental aspects of research design. Based on our discussion, we derive recommendations for applied research using structural equation modeling.

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