New paper on context effects

12.04.2016 -  

The paper “How Durable are Compromise Effects?,” authored by Lichters, Marcel, Holger Müller, Marko Sarstedt, and Bodo Vogt has been accepted for publication in Journal of Business Research.

In this paper, the authors show that the compromise effect, which ranks among the most prominent context effects in research, is robust in terms of durable goods when using real branded products, including real payments, the possibility of a pre-choice evaluation, and no-buy options. The results of a comparative analysis based on previous studies’ effect sizes suggest that, compared to decisions on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the amount of cognitive effort spent on decisions regarding durables fosters the compromise effect.
A second study supports this notion by showing that, regarding choices between durables, the compromise effect diminishes under a serotonin-deficiency-induced cognitive impairment, but its decrease is not as pronounced as with FMCG.

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