Paper accepted in Journal of Marketing Research

23.07.2015 -  

The paper titled “The Influence of Serotonin Deficiency on Choice Deferral and the Compromise Effect,” authored by Marcel Lichters, Claudia Brunnlieb, Marko Sarstedt, Bodo Vogt (Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg) and Gidi Nave (California Institute of Technology) has been accepted for publication in Journal of Marketing Research – the most prestigious Marketing journal worldwide.

In their paper, the authors study how serotonin brain levels influence (1) subjects’ tendency to avoid buying, and (2) their preference for product options that are positioned as a compromise in a given choice set rather than for more extreme alternatives (i.e., the compromise effect). The results show that a reduction of serotonin brain levels leads to choice deferral and eliminates the compromise effect, both as a within-subjects and as a between-subjects choice phenomenon. As such, this study provides neurobiological evidence for the assumption that the compromise effect is the result of deliberate and demanding thought processes rather than intuitive decision-making. For more information, please click here.

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