Prestigious Emerald Citations of Excellence award

09.07.2015 -  

The article “An Assessment of the Use of Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling in Marketing Research,” published in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2012) has been selected as a winning paper in the prestigious Emerald Citations of Excellence for 2015. In this paper, Joe F. Hair (Kennesaw State University), Marko Sarstedt (OvGU), Christian M. Ringle (Hamburg University of Technology) and Jeannette A. Mena (University of South Florida) offer a comprehensive review of all PLS-based studies published in the top 30 marketing journals in a 30-year period and derive recommendations for the technique’s future use. The selection process made by Emerald editorial experts is based initially on the citations being given to papers published in a previous year (in this case 2012), but the judging panel also takes into account the content of the papers themselves in terms of novelty, inter-disciplinary interest and relevancy in today’s world. Article access at:

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