Publication in Journal of Cleaner Production

03.07.2018 -  

We’re happy to announce the publication of our recently accepted paper “Framing the triple bottom line approach: Direct and mediation effects between economic, social and environmental elements” in Journal of Cleaner Production, an international, transdisciplinary journal focusing on environmental and sustainability research (impact factor: 5.651). The paper sheds light on the interplay between the economic, social and environmental elements of business sustainability, which are also referred to as the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). The results of two cross-industrial studies in Norway and Spain indicate that the TBL's economic element has a direct effect on the environmental element, with the social element mediating this effect. The results offer empirical insights into the interplay between the three TBL elements, which have important implications for research and practice.

The publisher has created a Share Link – a personalized URL providing 50 days' free access to the article. Simply click on the following link before August 21, 2018 and you will be taken directly to the final version of the article on ScienceDirect:

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