Social Network Analysis Paper Accepted for Publication

25.07.2018 -  

We’re happy to announce that the paper titled “From Goods to Services Consumption: A Social Network Analysis on Sharing Economy and Servitization Research,“ has been accepted for publication in Journal of Service Management Research. Authored by Martin P. Fritze (University of Cologne), Florian Urmetzer (University of Cambridge), Gohar Khan (University of Waikato), Marko Sarstedt (OVGU), Andy Neely (University of Cambridge), and Tobias Schäfers (University of Dortmund), the paper reports the results of a social network analysis of the sharing economy and servitization literature. The analysis reveals the structure of the knowledge networks that have been formed as a result of the collaborative works of researchers, institutions, and journals that shape, generate, distribute, and preserve the domains’ intellectual knowledge. As such, the study sheds light on the cohesion and fragmentation of knowledge and highlights the emerging and fading topics within the field. The findings suggest numerous avenues for further research on the transition of goods to services consumption.

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