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Registration for the lectures Marketing (Bachelor) and Marketing Methods & Analysis (Master)

30.03.2020 -

While some other faculties use the LSF's registration function for courses on a regular basis, this is not very common at our faculty. Therefore, the registration for courses of the Marketing Chair is done as usual exclusively via the e-learning platform (

Please register for the courses there, then we will be able to inform you about the further progress of the lecture very easily by e-mail.

You only need to register once per course and not separately for exercise and lecture.

Marketing (Vorlesung & Übung)

Marketing Methods & Analysis (Lecture & Exercise)


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Information about the ongoing planning for ST 2020

23.03.2020 -

Dear students,

Like you and most of the rest of the world, we are concerned about the COVID 19 crisis and its consequences. As you know, government authorities have postponed the start of the summer term until April 20, 2020, in order to contain the spread of the virus. Since it is uncertain whether classes will be resumed at this time, we have started to set up online teaching formats for all lectures taking place during the summer term. The Chair of Marketing is working relentlessly to bring the entire teaching program online. We will keep you updated as we make progress. Rest assured that we will offer you a comprehensive teaching program including many new formats to support your learning in the best possible way.

We will keep you continuously informed about the development status and the upcoming services!

More importantly, let us all work hard to ensure that the situation does not get any worse! And always remember to help others.

Stay safe!

Your Chair of Marketing team

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Information about our teaching start (SARS-CoV-2)

17.03.2020 -

Due to the current situation regarding the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), we will postpone the start of our courses Marketing (41021) and Marketing Methods and Analysis (50566). Students attending our seminars will receive separate information.

We are currently reconfiguring our teaching for the summer term and we will inform you as early as possible on our website.

Please also visit the university’s info website (

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