Marketing Performance Management (41058)

The objective of this course is to define and explain the fundamental aspects of marketing performance management with special emphasis on marketing controlling.

After successful completion of this course students will

  • know the basics of marketing controlling and be able to apply instruments of marketing performance management,
  • understand the emergence and relevance of fundamental marketing concepts and metrics, and
  • have a sound understanding of different approaches for measuring, for example, brand equity, customer equity, and corporate reputation.
  • Furthermore, get first insights on online performance marketing!

Prof. Dr. Marko Sarstedt
M. Sc. Mandy Pick
M. Sc. Martina Schöniger

  • Introduction: From the Transaction- to the Relationship-Paradigm
  • Methods of Marketing Performance Management
  • Customer Equity Management
  • Corporate Branding
  • Online Performance Marketing
  • Web Analytics, Text Mining & Social Media Analytics
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Students who already passed the lecture "Marketingkonzepte and -strategien (20009)",  "Marketingstrategien and Kontrolle (20074)", or "Marketing Performance Management (20952)" cannot score a grade in "Marketing Performance Management (41058)"! Find further information here: LSF or in the program handbook ("Modulhandbuch").

Students who want to take the Marketing Performance Management exam have the opportunity to secure five bonus points by participating in the "Google Digital Garage"!
All you have to do is to participate under the link, watch all videos and answer all questions - at the end you will receive a certificate, which has to be submitted by 17.01.2020.
All further information can be received in the lecture and the exercise.

Event Details


Lecturer Date  Time Room
Prof. Sarstedt Tuesday 03:00 - 04:30 pm G22A - H2


Please note that the lecture starts at 03:00 pm sharp and therefore ends at 04:30 pm!


Lecturer Date  Time Room
Pick/Schöniger Friday 09:15 - 10:45 am G26 - H1


Please find an overview about the schedule for the whole semester on chart 24 of the lecture slides.



Here you will find all necessary documents.

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