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23.01.2024 -  

Should you opt for incentive alignment or adaptive designs in your choice-based conjoint market research study?

Verena Sablotny‐Wackershauser, Marcel Lichters, Daniel Guhl, Paul Bengart, and Bodo Vogt find in their recent JAMS publication that you should!

Results from 4 conjoint experiments (n=1,150) on diverse products (from pizza to fitness trackers) show

  • Adaptive CBC designs compare well to incentive-aligned CBC regarding product choice predictions.
  • Combining both principles delivers superior predictions.

The paper also presents a concise review of proposed adaptive designs in CBC, along with an analysis of their popularity in terms of impact factors.

  • Furthermore, the relative merits of different mechanisms to incentive-align (A)CBC studies are discussed.
  • All raw data and analysis scripts are freely provided via the open science framework.
  • This article thus serves market researchers well in the analysis of data sets of (A)CBC studies conducted with Sawtooth Software and other solutions within R.

Happy reading with the open-access article  published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

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