The professorship of marketing offers various marketing-related modules (e.g., lectures and seminars) for bachelor‐ and master students.

Winter term 2024/2025

For students interested in writing their bachelor's thesis at the Chair of Marketing in the upcoming semester, we will post information (e.g., on topics offered) on this page.

Please be aware that the kick-off will take place in the week of the introductory days (i.e., 7th – 11th of October). Taking part in the kick-off is mandatory. However, it will take place online via zoom.

Dear Master students, if you intend to write your master thesis at the Chair of Marketing in the upcoming winter semester 2024/2025, please consider the following information. The application for a master thesis topic for the winter semester 2024/2025 will take place in the period from 24.06.2024 – 12.07.24. You will receive notice of whether you are accepted or not until 17.07.24. For accepted students, there will be a mandatory joint kickoff which will take place on 22.07.2024 at 10:00 - 11:30 via Zoom. Final details and additional information regarding the application process will be provided in the corresponding e-learning course.


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